Amidst the coronavirus pandemic and having to socially distance ourselves from our friends, neighbors, and even family, a wonderful idea has sprouted. Thank you to a photographer in Massachusetts (see info here) for coming up with this amazing way to connect (at a safe distance of 6 ft or more!) with our neighbors! I am pleased to join the movement! 

Everyday I have gone for walks around the village of Hamburg NY with my family. Usually I see people walking too, and we wave or say hi. Most people are home and working, caring for loved ones, studying, cooking, reading, and just trying to make sense of this new world we are living in. Inspired by Massachusetts photographer, I would love to document this unique moment in our lives. Lets try to feel less isolated from each other; since we can't see each other in cafes or restaurants, or school, or the gym- we can see each others faces here.  I am offering free 5 minute porch sessions. Come as you are, dressed up or dressed down, pets are welcome too, jammies, mismatched clothes, just be you- and I will capture this moment in time for you. You will get to download the image, all I ask is a good faith donation to a local charity that is helping with the pandemic (suggestion of charity to come). I will stay at least 6 feet away, and it will only take 5 minutes- and you get to have a beautiful family portrait! Watch for me walking with my family, I will post streets I plan to walk down and dates on facebook, or you can send me a message and request me to visit your street! I will be posting the images on facebook and instagram with the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject

(By having your portrait taken for this project you are agreeing to have your picture shared on social media and to make a donation.)


Please fill out this FORM ( to request for me to come to your street/home. 


I look forward to documenting your family!