Q: I hate getting my picture taken/ My child never smiles for pictures!/ My husband (significant other) makes weird faces:  How are you with "difficult" subjects?

A: My sessions are always fun and relaxed! I hate getting my picture taken too, so I strive to make a fun and relaxing environment. I take my time with kids- if a child isn't comfortable we chat or play for a little bit til he/she gets more used to me, we also tell jokes and talk about what they like! My husband hates it when we are going to get our family pictures taken! So I completely understand! Portrait sessions do not have to be horrible! My sessions are laid back and we chat between poses, or for on location sessions we walk in between poses. Getting your portrait taken should be something you look forward to, not something you dread!

Q: Do I have to pay tax?

A: Unfortunately, I do collect sales tax. It is added to your collection or session fee, your total will be on your contract and you will know the total when you sign. My studio is in Hamburg NY and the sales tax here is 8.75%.

Q: What do I receive when you take my family's portraits?

A: I will give you a client id. You can then go to my website to view your digital images. You receive a certain number of digital images depending on your session. After viewing your images you can decide which images I will release to you for digital download with print release.

Q: Who do you use for printing albums or prints? Who do you recommend for printing albums or prints?

A: You can order prints directly from my website, prints are through mpixpro.If you would like to upload and order the prints yourself I recommend going to www.mpix.com.  I have my computer calibrated with MPIX/Millers Lab so what is printed, matches how I edit your portraits. If you place an order with me directly, the highest quality Millers Lab products are used.

Q: Do I get the copyright to my portraits?

A: You receive printing rights to a certain number of images depending on the session you choose. Jessica S Cunningham Photography retains the copyright. This means that you can reproduce the images and give them to any of your friends and family, but you cannot sell the images or alter the images in any way. The details are listed on your portrait contract.

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I use a canon 5d mark3 full frame dslr,, canon lenses, and canon flash (when necessary). As backup I use a canon 7d. I use professional compact flash memory cards. I always carry multiple cards with me.

Q: Do you have a studio?

A:I have a small in home studio for professional head shot portraits, and single to small group portraiture. I also shoot on location at parks, city locations, and other such public spaces. I also do lifestyle sessions in your home. 

Q: I have a family session scheduled, what should we wear?

A: There are two camps for this answer. One says all matching in some way- ie: khaki pants and black shirts, or jeans and white shirts. Now there is a new movement where you coordinate around a certain color theme- ie: everyone wearing different colors that are in the same family of colors. Or a thread of the same color connects everyone's different clothing (one person wears a scarf with several colors, and everyone else wears those colors). The only rule is no big patterns or emblems- they are too distracting and take the viewers eye away from the subject of the portrait.

Q: How long until my images are on your website? 

A: For portrait sessions your digital images will be on the website in about 2 weeks. I will notify you if I am running behind.

Q: Do you charge travel fees?

A: For portrait sessions, I do not charge a travel fee for any location within 25 miles of Hamburg NY. If your portrait session is beyond the 25 miles, we will discuss a travel fee to compensate me for the amount of travel time and possible need for lodging.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I accept cash, check, and credit card via Square (visa, mastercard, american express, and discover)

Q: Can you describe your photography experience?

A: I have been interested in photography since I was little, I know that sounds cliche, but I really have! My father was into photography when he was younger and even had a dismantled darkroom in our basement. Anyway, in college I took a black and white photography course with a former photojournalist. We explored the world around us, and I got so many amazing tips from a photographer who had traveled the world with his camera. The course also involved darkroom developing and printing. It certainly makes me appreciate photoshop and understand photoshop that much more! After I received my BA (in history, not photography), I got a job as a photographer at a small digital portrait studio in Buffalo. I learned a lot about studio portraiture, from lighting to posing, and I started using photoshop. I became a manager of one of their studios and truly enjoyed my time photographing families and babies and seniors, etc. I then got married and went back to school for my MA (again history, not photography). I photographed a couple friends weddings and kept thinking about starting my own business. My husband and I then moved from Buffalo to Corning and I became the director of a small historical society. After the birth of my first child I decided to stay home and start my own business. I started small and have been growing ever since and enjoying every minute! 


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